Friday, March 8, 2013

When everything just goes wrong...

Have you ever had one of those periods of life in which you just don't know what else can go wrong? Two weeks ago I received a phone call from my doctor saying she had to refer me to an orthopedic clinic because she wasn't sure if I'll need surgery for my sclerosis yet. Two days later I found out my car needed a new transmission. On top of these news, I've been working on my own business endeavors, managing my husband's business, working part time, and all my mommy and wife duties too- not to mention the agony I was in because of the pain in my lower back. Agh!

It's been two weeks and I barely got my car back! How can such a simple thing make us so happy? Why do we focus on the bad instead of the good? These two weeks were miserable, I couldn't get out of the house, I borrowed my sister's car just to leave work before even starting, I had to rent a car to go to a client's initial consultation... But, why was I so miserable? I had food, clothing, water, shelter, entertainment, warmth- I had everything I needed!

I was focusing on the bad news, not the reality of my life. My car was getting fixed, we were going to be able to pay for it, my baby was with me the whole time, I got a client to do an initial consultation for, I got ahead with a lot of our wedding planning...

So many times we focus so much on the bad news that we forget to stop, look up, and kneel. God is so good to us. He always has been! Why do we ignore Him?

PS. We're already married, but never got to have a celebration so we are doing it now! :)


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